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Are roof scuppers an effective way to drain a roof?

Roof scuppers are an effective way to drain a roof, provided they have been installed and maintained properly. Roof scuppers provide an outlet through which rainwater and snowmelt can be channeled away from the roof, preventing water damage that would otherwise occur if pooled water were allowed to remain on the roofing material for extended periods of time. Roof scuppers should be inspected at least annually – or more often in areas that experience high levels of precipitation – in order to check for any blockages due to debris or other materials. Furthermore, regular roof repairs may also be necessary if cracks in the surface have developed due to weathering or ponding water has caused damage due to ice buildup. Roof maintenance is essential for ensuring both safety and longevity; roofs that are properly cared for will typically last much longer than those that are neglected.









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